Why Join the Local Harvest Restaurant Celebration

Why Join in the Local Harvest Restaurant Celebration?

Support local farmers and ranchers by attending a dinner sourced from the Santa Fe Farmers Market vendors.

Recognize local chefs who invest in local agriculture and hold high standards for their menu ingredients.

Discover new recipes using local, nutritious, and flavorful ingredients.

Eat healthy, FRESH food:  Did you know that produce purchase from local farmers travels on average 40 miles to get to your table. Grocery store produce travels an average of 1400 miles to get to your table.

Donate to the nonprofit Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute (20% of the food portion of every Local Harvest Restaurant Celebration meal cost) and support the programs of the Institute:

  • Double Up Food Bucks: an Institute administered program that doubles the purchasing power of SNAP participants at any of our Santa Fe Farmers’ Markets. In 2022, $363,000 was distributed through 4,600 transactions to qualifying families for fresh, local produce. This is an increase of 144% over the past four years.
  • Fresh Rx: A produce prescription plan offers vouchers for fresh fruit and vegetables to those in the community with dietary related illnesses. In 2022 the number of Fresh Rx Vouchers totaled 1,148 and were redeemed for a total value of $22,960 in purchasing dollars, which is an increase of 241% in just one year.
  • Microloans offer low interest rate loans of up to $20,000 for Santa Fe Farmers’ Market vendors and fund projects that have a significant, positive impact on many of our vendors’ businesses, as well as the quality and quantity of the products brought to the Market. There is a zero default rate on these loans.
  • Training and Development programming increases the skills of farmers and vendors in a variety of areas: branding and marketing, healthy soils, value-added product training and certification, and many more.
  • Programming at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Del Sur Market offers family-friendly activities and provides a source of fresh food to the underserved south side of Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Tax identification: 30-0124953